Understand what People Want

We use a structured process to identify the needs of all stakeholders; patients, doctors, carers, payers and providers.  Our outcome driven approach to innovation in healthcare can give you a ‘telescope’ or a ‘microscope’ to see the big picture clearly

Deliver Compelling Experiences

Our expertise in behaviour change and persuasive design means we know how to create compelling digital experiences for your customers.  We understand how to encourage and motivate your customers so as to drive up compliance and improve outcomes.

Get Robust Solutions

We understand how to develop solutions which meet the needs of the complex regulatory environment in which your solution must fit.  Be it CE marking or data protection we can help you be compliant with the minimum fuss.

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Big Green Walk

Big Green Walk

As part of Healthy City Week, 12th – 18th October 2015 500 more and Netwalking South West have teamed up to encourage Bristol to get walking.   With sitting being described as the new smoking, walking is being championed for keeping us

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Walking Safari

500 More Create Walking Safari: The Game you have to walk to play

Walking Safari is a game for your Smartphone which you have to walk to play. Choose from a range of walking challenges and targets to guide your beast around the Savannah. The more targets you complete, the bigger your herd becomes. Compete against your friends, or in teams against other teams to see who will be the greatest walker of them all.

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