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Walking Safari is the new app from 500 More.  It’s a game you have to walk to play!

 Walking Challenges

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Choose from a range of walking challenges and targets to walk around the Savannah and collect different animals.  The more targets you complete, the more animals you collect in your Safari Park.  Compete against your friends, or in teams against other teams and share your progress via social media.  Complete your profile for a personalised experience and see who can walk the furthest, the longest, or the fastest.


 Different Levels


Different people are at different stages in their walking.

  • Use the level select to choose the right challenges for you.  
  • As you walk, complete each challenge to open up new ones.  
  • Each challenge is slightly harder than the last, so they match your progress.  
  • With Walking Safari you can take things fast or slow to suit you.


Get Walking

walking animation

As you walk, your phone becomes your pedometer, counting each step you take and calculating the distance you’ve covered.

  • Walk against the clock to see how far you can go in a set time
  • Get real time updates from you phone as you go.  
  • Sounds and vibrations add to the fun as you walk.
  • The further you go, the more you score.
  • Share your progress with your friends, and compare your score against others in the leaderboards.
  • Compete in teams too.