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Purposeful Innovation Delivered

We specialise in designing, building, and implementing apps for health, wellbeing, and community purpose.

500more are experts in Digital Innovation. We help businesses conceive, design and implement software applications.

Our vision is to create innovation that unlocks opportunity. We work closely alongside entrepreneurs to support their goals and values.

We are based in the innovation centre Futurespace, in Bristol UK.

Here’s a taster of what we deliver

Measuring Walking: the 5th Vital Sign

DataGait is a digital remote monitoring and assessment tool that helps people recovering from serious illness by measuring them performing walking tasks and producing clinically validated metrics.

We partnered with Oxford Brookes University and received funding to develop DataGait from InnovateUK.  The App and Digital Platform are now ready for pilot studies and validation.


Neuro Response: An app for people with Long Term Neuro Conditions

Coming soon: Fyt

An exciting new concept in wellbeing which we’re helping to create

Combating loneliness in the elderly with Genie, a robot that cares

Creating your passport to better health for techmed

A new platform for searching, finding and booking appointments with clinicians, and for communications between patients, clinics and clinicians, aimed at the developing world.

Streamlined patient questionnaires with Elephant Kiosks

Elephant Kiosk works to take information from patients while they are in a waiting area, making it easier for GPs to review and quickly see the vitals of a patient.

How can we help?

If you have a business idea you would like to discuss, please get in touch with our founder and CEO, Greg Smart.

t: 0117 428 5670

UWE North Gate,
Filton Road
BS34 8RB
United Kingdom