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500 More submit to become a B-Corp

Since its inception, 500 More has been a company that has Purpose at its heart.  Our purpose is expressed in numerous ways, but one of the really important ones for us is to demonstrate that we are committed to the communities we are part of.

B-Corp is a fantastic way for us to demonstrate this.  We’re committed to the community of people who work here, or who work with us.  We’re committed to our local community at Futurespace, at the University of the West of England, Bristol and the South West.

We’re also committed to the wider environment, and travelling lightly on our journey to develop digital innovations for Health, Wellbeing and Social Purpose.

We want to balance profit with purpose.  After all, what other way is there, really?

Today, 12th April 2021 we took another step on that journey by submitting our application to become a B-Corp.  Becoming B-Corp certified will demonstrate that are serious about expressing our purpose, and will hold us to a high account.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Andy Hawkins at Business On Purpose.  We’re really grateful for his support.


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