Situation Appraisal

The 500 More Situation Appraisal is a great way to understand where you really at the moment, what are the key challenges affecting your product development and what actions can you take to move forward.

We’ve developed this systematic approach as a key part of our discovery process to get a laser targeted insight into the key issues and solutions.

The Situation Appraisal includes the following steps:

  1. Proposition Review.  What is your proposition, who are your customers, how will you deliver for them?  What is the reason you are in business?
  2. Situation Review.  What’s really going on in your business.  What are the problems, issues, concerns and incidents?  What feedback have you got?
  3. Risk Analysis.  What are the key areas of risk for your organisation, mapped against our risk model?
  4. Problem Appraisal.  Identifying potential root causes and mitigations for the priority issues
  5. Implementation Review.  Looking at the process of implementation for the priority issues to give you an actionable way forwards.


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What our customers have to say about us:

“500 More did a brilliant job. I couldn’t recommend them more highly”.  Seb Asplen, CTO, PSSG

“500 More provide dependable project delivery, able to grasp and control the detail while ensuring milestones are met”.  Nick Farrant, SVP Customer Business, Rolls Royce Optimised Systems & Solutions.

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