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Find out if your Digital Innovation can succeed before you build it

Are you looking to develop a new digital innovation; an app, a web platform, maybe something involving AI or Big Data? Or do you already have a product in the market, but you’re considering a significant change or enhancement?

How do you know your development will be successful? How can you get early validation of your idea before you spend the bulk of your budget? What are your potential users looking for and what’s important to them?

In this webinar, we look at the vital role that User Research takes in delivering successful innovation. In particular, we consider how the Google Design Sprint provides a great way to validate a concept that is both fast and cost-effective. As you would expect from a 500more webinar, the discussion will focus particularly on Health Tech, but attendees from any sector will benefit.

In this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Learn what a Design Sprint is and what’s involved in running one
  • Understand how a Design Sprint can fit into your innovation lifecycle and help validate your ideas
  • Consider the different types of User Research and how they can form part of your Design Sprint
  • Gain insight into the benefits and common pitfalls of the Design Sprint
  • Get help to get started with your Design Sprint
  Join us for an introduction to Design Sprints and using User Research to validate your digital innovation.

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